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Alessio Arbetti [VENETO] ("Hi, I'an Italian boy (I like to still consider me a boy even if I'm 34 years old). I live...")
[PUGLIA] Riccardo ("Just crunching!")
Maurizio Maitre [E.R.] ("Hi! My name is Maurizio, from Italy. I have a very nice family with my wife and two...")
IT015158 ("59 years old, male. Just retired after 38 years spent in IBM Italy. Married with a...")
marianob [Marche] ("My name is Mariano and I'm italian. Mi chiamo Mariano e sono italiano.")
gaviro (".")
[FVG] danieleg
[TBL] Leon ("Hi from italy! happy crunching, this is a great thing for my lost time.")
Andrea [E.R.] ("Hi, my name is Andrea and I live near Piacenza. I'm studying mechanical engineering at...")
Daniele [Lombardia] ("Hi. My name is Daniele, born in 1969. I'm from a small town Ceriano Laghetto, near to...")

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