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Fernando ("Murciano adoptivo. Profesor de Secundaria. Del año 1969.")
Team SETI.USA ("[b]Welcome to Team SETI.USA![/b] [b]Our Motto:[/b]Together we will accomplish something...")
ArtScientific ("Every day is a gift, never take that for granted!! Everyone is invited to join our team!...")
jmj ("hola, soy JMJ y me gusta donar mis recursos de la computadora por una causa...")
[AF>FRANCE]peronik ("Membre de [url=""]l' Alliance Francophone[/url].")
pkavinsky ("1")
[AF] Grizz ("Grizz")
Luk Chi Chiu Weber ("My true name is Luk Chi Chiu Weber and appreciated to apply the BOINC projects.")
Dr. Oduvaldo Goes ("My name is (Oduvaldo goes and goes, Oduvaldo - drgoes nickname), I'm 62 years old and...")

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