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1) Message boards : Number crunching : two machines not able to upload (Message 474)
Posted 1647 days ago by Profile Cesium_133*
Got the same issue as the above poster: project file upload handler missing. What's that mean? Did someone kidnap it, like that McCann girl, or the blond/blue girl living with those Gypsies? It was just there... file a missing person's report or something pls...
2) Message boards : News : Servicios ValidaciĆ³n/AsimilaciĆ³n (Message 350)
Posted 1753 days ago by Profile Cesium_133*
Radices LX ad validandas habeo. Quid accidit? Neminem mortuum est spero...

(I have 60 results to be validated. What's happened? I hope nobody died...)

Pax (Peace)... :)
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Be nice if we could turn in work (Message 338)
Posted 1755 days ago by Profile Cesium_133*
I'm having no trouble turning in work, but it's not being validated. Are you all running out the whole line of Wilson prime WU's and getting them back before validating them? Right now, I have 32 Wilsons and a Drug/nanoscale WU waiting to be cleared. Anything up with that?

Again, I'm turning it in, np there, but I might as well just hold onto them until you need them if you're gonna put them into a holding queue... do let me know :)
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Drug sim nanoscale (Message 302)
Posted 1765 days ago by Profile Cesium_133*
Any reason why the whole Ibercivis suite has no work? I was running Drug Sim Nanoscale and got the "no work" message... I like the points you folks give out, and I like drugs... the beneficial kind, i.e. :) Can someone give me some 4-1-1 on this? Thx, Cesium...
5) Message boards : Number crunching : two machines not able to upload (Message 254)
Posted 1788 days ago by Profile Cesium_133*
Thanks, fsanz... I had the same question as you replied to. "Project file upload handler is missing" is the error I'm getting back. Sounds like something isn't capturing the attempted uploads. I'll let it back off and retry until things go through.

By the way, one of the 2 WU's awaiting upload is listing at 100%, with "5.04/4.87KB" showing. Looks like more was uploaded than the file itself. Can you explain? Thanks, Cesium_133* :)